goat yoga and gratitude

gratitude, Yoga

GoatYogaEver since I heard the term “goat yoga” I was sold. The thought of hanging out with goats while practicing yoga was enticing. At a fitness class earlier this week someone mentioned they were going to attend a goat yoga class over the weekend. I immediately asked for the details.

Saturday came around and I almost didn’t go. It was chilly and rainy out and part of me just wanted to sit on the couch watching Fixer Upper while drinking coffee. Then my inner voice said “Sarah you’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, get your butt up and go!”. Sometimes I have to be my own cheerleader. I love being lazy! But that’s what Sundays are for right?? So I got ready, then my boyfriend and I headed out the door to Returning Home Farm in Verona, PA.

Since it was raining out the class was inside a barn, added plus. Space was tight but we didn’t mind. I knew right off the bat that I wouldn’t be doing much yoga in this class. I’m pretty sure I have A.D.D and I love animals, so my concentration went out the window as soon as the goats came in. I even asked the teacher before class if it was okay to just hang with the goats and not focus so much on the yoga.

I loved the teacher, she was easy going and fun and offered different options of class participation. She made suggestions on how to concentrate while the goats pranced around, she also mentioned that she wouldn’t be offended if you just spent time with the goats. This was my kind of teacher. I’m not the kind of student who enjoys being told what to do. I like my freedom and respect suggestion. So her approach was appreciated.

The teacher also introduced a theme to the class, since we are entering fall the theme was: Light to Dark. She talked a lot about dealing with dark emotions. Embracing the darkness but also trying to find the light. I was so excited for this topic because to me that is what this blog embodies. Positive Aggressive is about my journey to living my best positive life. Yes I have negative emotions, no I am not ashamed of that. I embrace my negative emotions, I acknowledge that they are a part of me. This allows me to work on turning them around.

She also shared a quote during shavasna about a woman who lost everything and had the ability to find gratitude. I haven’t been able to find the quote online but when I do, I’ll share it. I just remember the way the quote made me feel. It reinforced the power of gratitude. I need always be reminded to be grateful. When I focus on what I don’t have my gratitude falls by the wayside. Something as simple as being grateful to be alive is a game changer. On days when I say that out loud to the universe my attitude seems to change drastically. The simple truth is that we’re all fortunate to be here, to be given this life. So I am on this journey to make the most of it, won’t you join me?